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Kult Family

The KULT (also spelled KUOLT or KUELT) side of this family tree is the parternal side from my Dad's family. Our immigrant ancestor Leonhard Kuolt came from Bubsheim, Germany which is a small village in the Swabian Alps of Southern Germany. Leonhard came to America in 1867, married and started a family in Pennsylvania, and eventually settled in Southern Illinois and Iowa.

Lawhorn Family

The LAWHORN side of this family tree is the maternal side from my Dad's family. Our Lawhorn family is a big family and branched out into several areas in Missouri and Illinois. They have been traced back to English roots.

Case Family

The CASE branch of this family tree are from the paternal side of my Mom's family. They were mostly from the Ozark Mountains in Missouri. They can be traced far back into American history to even before the United States was established. Many ancestors in this line served in the Revolutionary War as well as the U.S. Civil War. The CASE side also has been traced back to England.

Collier Family

The COLLIER branch of this family tree are from the maternal side of my Mom's family. They are also traced back to England, although family legend states that the Colliers were from Ireland. More research on this line will tell if the Irish can be found.


Birth Married

Featured Ancestors

of KKs Family
Leonhard Kuolt, Sr.
Leonhard Kuolt, Sr.

Leonhard Kuolt, Sr.

Arrived in America on 16 April 1866

Born in Bubsheim, Duchy of Württemberg, Kingdom of Germany, Holy Roman Empire


William J. Lawhorn
William Jackson Lawhorn

William Jackson Lawhorn

Son of Charles Jacob Lawhorn

Served in the U.S. Civil War, Union, 8th Regiment Missouri State Militia Cavalry, Companies K, M & H, Private


Jacob Case, Sr.
Jacob Case, Sr.

Jacob Case, Sr.

Revolutionary War Patriot

Father of Bessie (Case) McCormick, the first white woman in Indy and who named Indianapolis, Indiana.

Amos Collier
Amos Collier

Amos Collier

Merchant, Hotel Owner, IOOF Member

Served in the U.S. Civil War, Confederate, Company B, Unit 9 (Elliott's), Missouri Cavalry, Private

Bethia (Case) McCormick

bottom image

My 4x-great-aunt, Bethia (Case) McCormick was the first white pioneer woman to set foot in the land now known as "Indianapolis". This drawing above commemorates the day she suggested the name of "Indianapolis" as the capital of the state. She said..."We and the Pogues were the first settlers in this part of the state. I know you must think I'm a little bragger indeed to be standing here in front of you, I didn't want to, but I want you very much to consider the name ‘Indianapolis’ as the Government Seat." It was at that moment that Indianapolis was established as the State Capital of Indiana.



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